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The difference between Divine Art and other tattoo studios is analogous to the difference between an ‘art’ and a ‘craft.’ Although both require skill, ‘art’ involves a higher degree of intellectual involvement and creativity. Here at Divine Art, the meaning and reason behind your desired tattoo is as important to us as the actual design itself.  Most tattoo studios and parlors today are filled with ‘craftsmen, ’ masquerading as artist, ready and willing to pierce the epidermal layer of your skin for the purpose of expelling ink into a picture or image of something with little or no regard for its abstract meaning.     At Divine Art, ‘craftsmanship’ ends and ‘art’ begins.  We begin by capturing the feelings that inspires one to desire a tattoo. Finalizing the image but before outlining the design, close attention is paid to embodying the meaning and purpose behind the design into one cohesive whole; conveying some sort of behavioral image while also revealing a connection between the art, lifestyle and or peculiarities of the client. The result: a mosaic of beauty, quality of application and meaning, intersecting together as one singular whole. Whether it be your first or last tattoo, we always encourage our clients to take as much time as possible in choosing a design because we want our clients to enjoy the profound experience of getting a tattoo without distraction. That being said, we afford the same level of respect and significance to each and every one of our clients. With us, you can always expect world class service, customized care, high quality results, reasonable prices and workplace professionalism. 

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